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Silver Textured Italian Jacquard – 1/2 yard

$7.40 $9.25

Put on your party pants! Or party skirt. Or party jacket. Or party dress. 

This jacquard is:

  • Somewhat structured while retaining a nice drape
  • Reversible (shiny & smooth on one side, textured and velvety on the other)
  • Made in Italy
  • Very premium-feeling w/ a nice weight to it


  • Colour: Metallic silver with black
  • Tone: Cool
  • Fabric Content: 75% polyester, 25% rayon
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Drape: Fluid drape with structure & body
  • Weight: Medium-weight
  • Width: 60"
  • Source: Deadstock – Imported from Italy
  • Care: Dry clean or handwash only for this puppy. Hang to dry! 

    Sustainability: Deadstock is high-quality fabric that went unused by the mill or designer who ordered it – be it a big-name fashion brand, fabric mill or film & TV set. (Kind of like browsing the fashion industry's fabric stash.) Buying deadstock supports a circular textile economy, avoids net new production of acrylic fibres & diverts high-quality textiles away from landfills. Pretty cool!

    Pattern suggestions: 

    • Papercut Sigma Dress (~1.75 yards required)
    • Tessuti Leni Top (1.2 > 1.4 yards required)
    • New Look 6459 set (~ 2 yards for the pants)

    Need some inspiration?✨ Check out our structure moodboard. 

    (Sold by the 1/2 yard. Fabric will be cut in a continuous piece - order 1 for 1/2 yard, 2 for 1 yard, 3 for 1.5 yards, and so on.)