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About Us


A sewing fanatic myself, I'd initially started sewing for both ethical and financial reasons. It was a thrill to sew using the styles & materials of higher-end labels, without supporting the grubby, grabby fast-fashion industry. But something didn't feel right. I was still purchasing freshly-milled fabric, and continuing to support one of the dirtiest industries on the planet.

So I started hunting down deadstock, which was  rather easy in Toronto's fashion district. Crammed in between coffee shops, medical marijuana dispensaries and tech offices were relics of a booming time in Toronto's fashion history: jobbers (those who bid on large lots of deadstock fabrics directly from mills, TV/film sets & designers) had set up shop, selling gorgeous deadstock fabric along with their reorderable pieces. There was something thrilling, akin to finding a cashmere sweater in a small-town thrift shop, about uncovering a gorgeous silk noil, originally sourced by Max Mara or Marc Jacobs, and sold or a fraction of the price. 

I wanted to bring the experience of browsing through these amazing little fabric stores to the rest of Canada (and beyond) – so Matchpoint Fabric was born!  (The name inspired by the burn test used to determine fabric content.)

It is such a joy to be able to hunt down high-quality fabric for you, along with sustainable basics, while honouring this planet we're lucky enough to spend a little time on. I hope you find something you love! (Because I sure loved finding it.) I'm always around on Instagram or email if you have a question, a fabric request, or just want someone to gush over a new pattern with.