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Shipping + FAQs


Your fabric will be lovingly cut, wrapped & packaged (in recycled, post-consumer materials) within 2-3 business days from time of order (and sometimes sooner!) Shipping times to your door will vary by location and by shipping method selected. Any additional duties or charges will be the responsibility of the recipient. I ship regular mail from Toronto – I use Canada Post/USPS (vs. UPS or FedEx) as I find that they're less likely to tack on extra fees at the door!

*Note about international shipping: I offer Canada Post's Small Packet International Surface + AIr shipping as an option, as it's much cheaper for you! Surface is much slower for our international friends, but wanted to leave that option open to keep shipping accessible. 

Orders placed with Small Packet International Surface don't come with a tracking number, so you won't be able to follow your fabric along on its journey. I'll share some shipping time estimates below, so you can choose which method words best for you! If you don't receive your fabric by the end of the estimated window below, please (please!) get in touch and we'll see what we can do. :) 

Within Canada:

Expedited shipping: 1-7 days

Xpresspost: 1-2 days

Priority: Next day


United States

Small Packet USA Air (orders less than 2 lbs): 5-8 business days

Tracked Packet USA Air (orders less than 2 lbs): 4-7 business days

Expedited Parcel USA: 4-7 business days

 Xpresspost USA: 2-3 business days



Small Packet International Surface (less than 2.2 lbs):

Europe: 1-2 months

Asia-Pacific & Australia: 2-3 months

Africa: 2-3 months

South America: 1-2 months

Small Packet International Air (less than 2.2 lbs): 6-10 business days

Tracked Packet International (less than 2.2 lbs): 6-10 business days

International Parcel Air: 12+ business days

International Parcel Surface: 

Europe: 1-2 months

Asia-Pacific & Australia: 2-3 months

Africa: 2-3 months

South America: 1-2 months

Xpresspost International: 4-7 business days




Q: How long does an order take to ship? 

A: Your fabric will be shipped within 2-3 business days (and sometimes sooner!). Shipping times to your door vary depending on location.

Q: How much is shipping? 

Orders over $80 CAD ship for free within Canada, and over $120 CAD within the States. All other shipping is calculated automatically based on weight  – and I'm always trying to pack & prepare your packages as efficiently as possible in order to get the lowest rates. :)

Q: Do you ship worldwide? 

A: Absolutely! Although any additional duties, custom charges or taxes accrued will need to be paid by you upon pick-up.

Q: Do you accept returns? 

A: Any cut yardage is non-returnable. But I'm in the happy-making business, so if something reeeeally doesn't float your boat, send me a message and I'll see how I can turn it around. :)

Q: Do you take requests? 

Think of me as your fashion DJ at the world's most fun sewing party. I absolutely take requests – again, deadstock fabric sourcing allows me (nee, affords me) the opportunity to go digging through cavernous warehouses, searching for that perfect, hidden roll. Send me a note, and next time I hit up the warehouse I'll keep it in mind! 

Q: Why doesn't all your deadstock fabric list exact percentages? 

A: Due to the unpredictable, exciting nature of deadstock sourcing (link to article on jobbers), it's not always possible to know the exact makeup of the fabric I'd say 60% of the time the roll comes with a tag attached that lists exact composition (yay!). The rest of the time my supplier, who has a preternaturally good eye for fabric composition, helps give her best guess, and I always do a burn test on all my deadstock pieces with mysterious fabric composition & share the results in each listing. (I wrote a bit more about the burn test process here – it's fascinating!)

 Q: Can I reorder deadstock fabric? 

A: Often, the answer is (sadly) no. My suppliers bid on a 'lot' of fabric, and what they get is what they gets. I'll try to source as much of it as I can, but the nature of deadstock is that it's one-of-a-kind. I do stock a small selection of reorderable fabric as well – that can be reordered as long as the supplier keeps producing it! Let me know if there's something you reeeeallly love, and I'll be sure to keep it around. 

Q: Why do you sell by the yard, not the meter? Aren't you Canadian?

A: And proud of it! But as so many patterns we use give yardage in, well, yards, it requires a bit less mental math to sell & cut using the imperial system.